By Murray Backhouse, Global Networks Manager

Over the past four months we have seen our Membership Services Project mold into the system that we wanted and expected. To be honest it was quite slow to get going and there were times where I was thinking to myself that perhaps this is never going to lift off. We were doing this by trial and error and no other network has committed to a membership services project like this before. Was this something that our members would utilize? I still don’t know the complete answer to this.

But I do know that this project has evolved. And the success has allowed us to start thinking of ways to develop our Membership Services even further. I am confident that this project will surely help you as members of X2. One of these developments will be monitoring the exact amount of requests going in and out of each country. With this data we will be able to have a better scope on the networks dynamics. For example, are members giving reciprocal business as they say they are? After all the only way a network is going to develop is with each member building and strengthening existing relationships. And a supportive network management monitoring the results and helping to build new ones. This approach goes with our philosophy “a global network of professionals working together as one”.

You might ask yourself, how have we helped the network thus far? Well in four months we have had over 1300 quote requests come in through WhatsApp and Skype to our Membership Services. This is of course excluding all business conducted without us being aware. HOLD ON…. Let’s go back a bit, yes you read correctly, over ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED QUOTE REQUESTS IN 4 MONTHS. This really does put a smile on my face, this clearly means we are doing something right in the network and our members are benefiting from what we offer. My only grievance is that in total we only have 60% of all members across all networks on WhatsApp and Skype. Surely after reading the above it’s a no brainer to get involved, it clearly works and companies are benefiting from this.

Now imagine having all of the above and then attending one of our conferences and actually meeting these members you have been communicating with. Your business will surely only get better…. Exactly!
X2 Conference demographics
We have already been overwhelmed by the response for our 2017 conference. There are just under 300 delegates already registered and we are still months away. In comparison to 2016 we are about 100 delegates ahead of where we were at the same time. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

And on this note I would like to thank you for all the support you have shown to the network in committing to the conference so early. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. In fact if you thought this year’s conference was amazing, you are going to be blown away by next year’s conference. We have added two more events for you to build relationships outside of the office area and will be announcing a partnership very soon and when its announced you will know what I am talking about! It’s going to be HUGE and is a MUST for all — a great experience. So keep your ears on the ground and wait for the big announcement.
X2 Conference DemographicsI look forward to seeing you all in February 2017 and catching up. And please if you have any ideas on how we can improve as a network I would love to hear your thoughts. We are always looking for ways to be even more unique and innovative while keeping the professional, personal touch we are well known for in the industry.